Nobody Knows Jack

London, December 1890. Jack Martyn, a talented and charismatic thief, is on his uppers and desperate for some easy money. Jack often gets noticed, but not always by the right people and lately he’s caught the eye of both Elias Crabbe and Septimus Brand, two competing gang leaders. Crabbe is respected and feared in equal measure and thinks that Jack has the makings of a top class cracksman. He’d also set a good example for Elias’s shy nephew, Will. Brand, on the other hand, is ambitious and violent. He’ll stop at nothing to take over Crabbe’s empire, and he sees Jack as an obstacle. When Jack’s ‘mother’ dies and a job goes belly up, the boy’s out on the street and fair game for anyone with a grudge. A right good thumping from Brand’s boys has him hiding at Will’s, but that’s not the answer. As secrets and lies come flying at Jack from all directions it’s impossible to know who he can trust. Only he can decide, and one wrong choice could cost him his life.

Anticipated publication Spring 2021

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