Breaking News (a mid-month bloglet).

I Have A Logo!

A few weeks ago I was thinking about newsletters, headed paper, and business cards. I know, I know, I ought to be writing the novel, but we all need a bit of a break from the words every now and then. Cue some help from my fellow writers at the and now I have this:

Here’s some of the reasons behind this particular design:

  • The border around my name is in the shape of many of the Victorian street signs in London.
  • The text on these, and lots of modern ones, is red and black.
  • In Ancient Rome magpies were associated with magic and fortune telling.
  • Whilst the magpie’s love of shiny things is anecdotal, examples do exist of them stealing shiny objects which were then found in their nests – hence the jewel in the beak. (The ruby is also my birth stone and I happen to like them). There is stealing in my novel too, but the objects aren’s quite so shiny.
  • The Victorians were so afraid of magpies the birds were almost hunted to extinction, and the Church disliked them so much a rumour was started that they carried a drop of the devil’s blood on their tongues.
  • As I’m writing a novel involving ghosts and the supernatural, a magpie felt like the perfect bird to have sitting on a street sign when your protagonist walked by contemplating life and death, and whether there just might be something in-between.

For anyone else out there thinking about getting a logo I highly recommend having a look at getcovers website. They provide logos, covers, and other marketing materials, all at very competitive prices.

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