Wensleydale, Yorkshire with Bolton Castle in the distance.



Jac Harmon was born in London into a family of avid readers so it was no surprise that she grew up with a book in one hand and a pen in the other.

Never one for sitting still for long she has studied history at three universities, focusing on the medieval period and the social relationships between the great religious houses and their lay communities.

She enjoys travelling, and indulging her passion for photography, and hopes one day to have enough material for a book on writing ephemera through the ages.

Jac’s favourite way to relax is with a good gothic novel and a cup of tea – preferably in front of an open fire, in a cosy cottage with great mountain views. As mountains aren’t a feature of East Anglia she makes do with frequent trips to places above sea level, and continues to search online for that elusive ‘perfect place to sit.’