Jac Harmon

I was born into a family of avid readers and by the time I reached my teens I knew that not only was I an avid reader too, but that I also wanted to write books myself. So I did, producing reams of fan fiction and poetry full of teenage angst.

At university I studied History (with a side of Art History) which means I’m capable of researching a subject to death if necessary.  A very useful skill when you write historical fiction.

Not that I’m a slave to any one genre. I love to experiment in both my short and flash fiction. Some of these stories have been published in print anthologies and others online. Links can be found under the Publications tab on the Menu.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading, and when I’m not reading, I’m taking photographs. In my Haiku a Day for a Year project on Twitter, which I started on 25 May 2021, I’ve used a lot of my pictures as prompts and maybe there’s a book in that too.

Best not get ahead of myself though, there’s the small matter of a novel to finish before that.

  • I write
  • I take photographs
  • Sometimes I put the words and pictures together