B is for Beauty: A Beauty and the Beast Anthology 

The second volume in the Tales from the Treehouse series features ten retellings of the of Beauty and the Beast fairy tale.

From the outer reaches of space to a claustrophobic medieval village it’s not always easy to tell who’s the Beauty and who’s the Beast.

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C is for Curse: A Swan Lake Anthology

In this third volume of the Tales from the Treehouse series six authors retell the classic story of love, loss and magic.

In my story Swan Song a young composer loses out on love to his best friend and risks a new relationship and gets involved with a witch with an agenda.


Shaping the Past: A collection of essays in honour of Dr David Dymond, with a particular focus on Eastern England.

It was a great privilege to be asked to contribute to this collection in honour of Dr David Dymond: historian, writer, teacher, scholar and gentleman.

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The Jack Martyn Series

Set in 1890s London the series follows the adventures – and misadventures – of an ambitious young thief as he tries to make a name for himself among the dippers, nibblers, cracksmen and ratcatchers of the East End.

Abandoned as a child, Jack is brought up in a Southwark lodging house by the formidable Flo, her good friend Agnes, and ex-Circus strongman Handsome George. While prostitutes rent the rooms upstairs Jack learns some useful skills from the Flash crowd downstairs. Life’s hard, and when tragedy strikes it’s time for Jack to decide who he is, and whether that’s the man he wants to be.

Nobody Knows Jack is the first in a series of books spanning the years 1890-95.